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I graduated from VEEB LPN school in August 2014. I took about two months off from anything nursing related because I was so drained. For the past month I have been doing Saunders review book and Kaplans test strategies book but no matter how much I study I'm scoring about 70% correct on review questions. I'm feeling very discouraged because I feel like I just can't get it. I signed up for Ready to Pass (it's a PN and RN review class located in West Hempstead, NY) at the end of the month and I'm hoping it will be helpful. There are not many reviews of Ready to Pass online. If anyone has gone to their class in the past or know someone who has please leave a comment on your thoughts. I'm just praying that I will pass this NCLEX-PN exam the first time around!

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thats interesting, Im about to take the Ready2pass review at the end of this month also. I hope I finally pass this damn exam and hopefully it helps.


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I myself graduated from Veebs this past Aug 2014, I did between 50 to 100 questions per day and brushed up on areas that I felt needed to be reiterated to study for the Nclex, I took my Nclex exam on Monday and found out I passed couple days later.... The best thing you can do is as many questions as possible and stay Positive, stay focused and you will be fine, trust me school was the most challenging part and you overcame that


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Congratulations!! How many questions did you have? Did u have a lot of drug questions or select all that apply?