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am i ready?? nclex 8/15

so i know its impossible for anyone to tell me if im ready for the nclex or not and no one ever feels like they're ready but i guess i just need some reassurance. i test this friday and ive only used kaplan to study and google for information i didn't understand. my scores are

diagnostic: 53

readiness: 52

qt 1: 51

qt 2: 47

qt 3: 52

qt 4: 48

qt 5: 65

qt 6: 67

qt 7: 61

sample test 1:56

sample test 2: 63

sample test 3: priority 83

sample test 4: SATA 32

qbank 100% complete w 60% overall (i had a few low 50s but for the most high 50's-low 60s. for all content my lowest was health promotion and maintenance around high 40s but i expected that and reviewed-everything else around or close to the 60 mark)

I was doing horribly in the beginning because I really didn't know content. I stopped after qt 4 and to review I devoted two days for each topic (health promotion, pharm, etc) listening to all of the kaplan content review videos for that topic, taking notes as i watched, and then taking questions. i read rationales for every question

i feel the most confident about priority and delegation questions as well as priority (which patient to see first) but i am freaking out over SATA and ordered response. I found a site to do practice alternate questions and so far i have gotten them all wrong. i feel like I know content (as much as i can anyway) and i treat each choice as t/f but i still somehow always miss one or check a wrong answer

i want to stick with my original test date because although my original scores were horrible, my latest scores after reviewing are where they need to be. i feel confident only because of how my scores improved, but im not sure if i should push it back a few days to devote time to just doing SATA/order response??

sorry this is so long if you've read it all!!

You SATA scores are low maybe you should work on those my suggestion, but if you feel your ready go for it. God bless.

your scores are pretty good for the most part...Kaplan recommends 60%+ to be considered "ready" however my scores were 50-70's and I passed in 75. no one ever really feels ready so I think you should just stick with your date. keep studying but definitely give yourself a day or two off before the test. as for the alternative questions I reviewed poorly on those questions too. try to think of SATA's as true/false for each answer. beyond this, remember that 15 of the first 75 questions on your NCLEX do not count towards your score and it seems this year people are getting a ton of alternative type questions in the first 75...my guess is many of those are the one that do not count. however, also keep in mind that you can get some wrong and still pass no problem. don't overthink it, good luck!


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