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:( WOW. I'm underwhelmed.........

I checked with two area hospitals what they pay an RN (Med/Surg) with 3-4 years experience:

One was $16.50

The other was a WHOPPING $14.50!!!

I was so disgusted I hung up.

Both of these jobs involved travelling >20 Miles.

I opted for Cracker Barrel. I'm starting a new job as a WAITRESS.......I talked to one of the waitresses there and she said on a good day you can make $100/shift.

The manager said on a good day, you'll wind up making about $13.00/hr.

I'm following in the grand footsteps of Mildred Pierce.

H*ll, they treat nurses like waitresses anyway.

I told the Mgr. what we had to endure at the hospital from patients' families - he said "there won't be any of that HERE!!!!!!!!!"

A freakin' waitress gets more respect than a RN!

pathetic.......... :devil:

Come to Philadelphia! New grads in med/surg start at $19/hr. Aides make $13. Geez!

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Philly burb at Crozer starting now at $25.17 NEW GRAD

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