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Hi everyone,

This is my first time posting a thread here.

I want to relocate to the UK and have applied for the readmission to NMC part 1 adult nurse registration which has been lapsed for eight years.

I submitted all required documents and references except the one from an NMC registrant. I wrote twice to the NMC explaining I have been working as a nurse in Hong Kong for more than ten years and difficult to find a UK nurse here to be my referee. But it just answered that is the ONLY way to get back to the registration.

Are there any nurses working overseas in the same boat and how we can actually do? There’s just one month left for this application. If I can’t submit the reference by the due date I have to reapply and pay again! Anyone out there can help? ???

Hi Bluesky HK, hope you're ok?. Did you find a way for your readmission? I'm in the same case than you were, the person replied me the same by mail! I don't know how to do.?

Hi Janaelle, I’m safe here with my surgical mask. ?

I couldn’t find any UK nurse to help and my application was closed. ?

That’s really rigid!

Uh damn, I hope you a good luck with this virus, it's frightening. Wow the NMC is really rude, I hope I will find a way to close this issue! If I find it I'll let you know ?.

Thank you, Janaelle! Pray for the world and everyone stay safe and healthy!

Wish you luck with your application! All the best! ?

Hi Bluesky HK, thanks, all the best to you too!

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We have had a thread running here for around three years, specifically for UK nurses who are overseas to communicate with each other and assist with the peer related part of the revalidation.

Find someone on there who can help!

Oh skylark, thank you so much for your information! ?

Good evening BlueskyHK how are you doing ? I found a way to return to practice in UK as a nurse. On the NHS job website there is a "return to practice course" which will start on May 2020 it's for all nurses whose get their pin number lapsed, there is more details on the full job description. And if you are succesfull, after this short training, you will have a nurse job band 5 in the NHS! It's interesting and I've applied for it.

Wish you the best.



Hi Olga. Not bad here.

Thanks for sharing. Yep, I know the Return to Practice programme but I thought it’s just for those who have not enough practising hours for readmission and should always be referred by NMC, not sure, because the placement offers are limited. But it’s good to know you’ve applied.

As my first language is not English, I have to pass IELTS/OET apart from the referree’s issue! So that’s a bit more complicated for my situation. My OET exam has been deferred a few times to Jun so who knows what’s going to happen in the near future?

I’m not going anywhere amid the outbreak of the pandemic. Not sure if UK may be locked down very soon allowing only PR and citizens back home that I can’t. Stay at home and fight against the coronavirus!

Hope it’ll be all over in the near future that I can keep going for this long, torturing process of readmission.

Wish you every success for your course and readmission! Stay safe and healthy everyone!


Yes I think I will have to do this language test as well if I apply for a readmission with NMC, that's why I think the return to practice course is the simplest way to get my pin number back soon. And this course will help me to update and learn the practices in UK, as every country have got their own way to practice cares, standarts... They said it's for all nurse whose got their pin number lapsed for any reasons. They ensure to have a position in the hospital when the training has been done. I'll see if depending to my case I'm shortlisted as I'm still doing nursing in France as well, I also let a message on the topic that skylark recommends you. The futur is so uncertain with the pandemic, UK apparently is lockdown for at least 3 weeks which makes things complicated for recruitment process, hope it'll over soon as you said.

Hope you a big courage and good luck with your parients. Take care of yourself, colleagues and your loved ones.

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Can anyone help me with my reregistration? In particular I need a current member of the NMC to have a “reflective discussion “ with.

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