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Janaelle's Latest Activity

  1. Janaelle

    What would you do?

    Hi, can you precise what is ADN please?
  2. Janaelle

    Readmission to NMC

    Hi Bluesky HK, thanks, all the best to you too!
  3. Janaelle

    Readmission to NMC

    Uh damn, I hope you a good luck with this virus, it's frightening. Wow the NMC is really rude, I hope I will find a way to close this issue! If I find it I'll let you know .
  4. Janaelle

    Readmission to NMC

    Hi Bluesky HK, hope you're ok?. Did you find a way for your readmission? I'm in the same case than you were, the person replied me the same by mail! I don't know how to do.

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