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Readdmission letter into nursing school

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This will be my second time applying for readdmission, I understand why I did not make it back into the program (the odds were against me as I was one of 8 people also applying for readdmission). I have looked over and edited this letter so many times but I feel like it still needs some work. I need fresh eyes to look over my letter! Any comments will be helpful as I want to edit my letter again and turn it in by the beginning of December. Thanks for taking the time to look over my letter!

Admissions Committee,

I was enrolled in your nursing program during winter quarter 2016 but unfortunately I had to withdraw because I did not meet the standards needed to maintain my enrollment in the program. I was very disappointed in myself because I could not hold myself to the academic standards that I pride myself in and most importantly the academic requirements of the nursing program. In this past year, I have been able to take time to reflect on my mistakes, identified my weaknesses and created plans to fix the challenges I encountered. If given the opportunity to return to school, I am confident that I will be successful in my academics this upcoming quarter.

One of my first initial challenges was my commute from Kent to Edmond during the school week. Commuting home an hour and a half every day did not leave me enough time to study and prepare for lectures for the next day. I would come home late in the evening which would lead me to stay up late struggling to read for the following day. This took a toll on my sleep and consequently affected my learning. If readmitted, I have already found a place to stay that is much closer to school which will cut my commute greatly. This will allow me to dedicate more time to study and prepare for lectures. A larger problem I ran into during winter quarter was my study habits. While my study habits had worked for me in the past, they were not adequate enough for the rigor that is needed to do well on tests and understand lecture. I did not devote enough time studying to fully comprehend what I had learned and apply it to practice test questions. This greatly affected my ability to follow the nursing process to answer NCLEX type of questions on tests. Because I struggled with tests, I was constantly playing catch up trying to relearn old content along with the new. To prevent this from happening again, I will stay later after class to read ahead and prepare for the next day's lecture along with taken additional notes from what was taught that day. Additionally, I will attend/create study groups-something I was not able to do in the past because of distance, practice more NCLEX style questions from the textbook recommended in nursing 98, create practice questions relating to the content being taught in class, meet with my professors to go over certain subjects or ask clarifying questions. If admitted into the next quarter, I will not hesitate to take advantage of all the resources available for me to improve my success in nursing school.

In this past year after leaving the nursing program, I completed a nursing assistant program and took more college courses. Becoming a nursing assistant has given me a better understanding of the nursing process. For example, looking for red patches on a client's back when repositioning them and what measures are needed to be taken to prevent the red patches from worsening. My enjoyment from being a nursing assistant has greatly motivated me to further my future nursing career. I currently do not hold an NAC position so work will not compromise my education if I return to the nursing program. Continuing to take classes in the spring and summer after leaving the program has been very beneficial for me because it allowed me to take a step back and look at different ways to improve my study habits. I learned how to properly divide my time between each class to effectively take in the content I had learned. I am very proud to say that I have done well in my classes and if readmitted, I look forward to implement my new study skills into the next quarter.

Please understand that my struggle to maintain the appropriate GPA for EVCC does not indicate that I not qualified to continue in the program. Since withdrawing from the program, I have been able to reflect on my struggles and provide ways to improve my success if readmitted. I hold myself to very high standards in my education and I am confident that I will not come into the same problems again if admitted back into the program. Though I understand a spot for myself in winter quarter is not guaranteed, I greatly appreciate the opportunity to identify my problems and explain how I will improve my learning in nursing school.

Edited by Ngochhan

Looks pretty good to me, although "readmission" has only one "d" and it wasn't that you didn't hold yourself to high standards, it was that you didn't meet the high standard you held for yourself. This is why you did (.... all that ) to be better prepared.


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