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Hey everyone, I have taken my NCLEX-RN two times and have not passed. I am about to take it for a third time next week and my stress level is beyond overload. I have really bad text anxiety and I was able to harness it in nursing school, but this darn test is getting me. I took KAPLAN and that didnt help me so I have been using Saunders, and some other Delegation and Med-Surg review books. I am also taking some anti-anxiety meds to help calm me down but I am still super scared to take the test again. I am testing in Utah and after 4 tries, you cant ever take it again in this state, ever! They dont let you take a review course or anything and keep trying, it is 4 times and you are done. I am going on my 3rd and really dont know what to do. Any suggestions??? Thanks!

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Don't think of it as I have to pass or ..... Look in the mirror every morning and say I'm gonna Pass Nclex and I'm gonna be an RN! If you don't believe you can do it then your anxiety will get the best of you. Take practice exams like they are the real exam to help decrease your anxiety cause I have major anxiety problems and I was so calm cause thats what I did for the two weeks before taking nclex. Pray everyday that you won't have anxiety and for God to let you to be able to apply the knowledge you've obtained the past few years. Oh an work out if its just going for a job and listening to info on your Ipod or just jogg for alittle bit and pep talk yourself see yourself as a nurse your must believe it cause I promise you will be cause you know the info just breath and don't think about the omg what if I don't pass I can't fail again or you will be so stressed by the time you get to the center you won;t be able to think straight to a night off and rememeber what its like to be a normal human that doesn;t eat breath sleep nursing! If there's anything I can do let me know But you got this! Breath!

At this point, you might be better off doing some intense work on your relaxation techniques.

Thanks! I have been working out at the gym everyday for about a month and a half now, hoping that helps with my relaxation. Some people say to drink tea but I hate tea so I am hoping everything else I have done will help me!

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