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Hello! Just wanted to make sure; is the re-take process still the same? Or are there any new updates on the process to re-take?


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Yes it did thank you so much for posting this i was just loosing my mind thank you so much


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Hello Anna , I just came from Philippines and I want to try taking the nclex exam here in Hawaii. But I don't know were to start. I hope you can give me some advice and where did you take your review? I hope you will reply. Thanks.


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hello, i hope this post still active..just want to ask if how long does att from hawaii BON valid? i mean i know the average is 90days but pearsonvue says it depends on the bon..i hope i could delay since im not ready yet. thank you for ur response.


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I am planning to retake for NCLEX-RN here in Hawaii, I failed my first test last year of August. My application with Hawaii BON will expire on 6/2021. I read the trail, I just wanna know if the process is still the same? Do I still have to call BON first or just re-apply for in Pearson Vue right away, pay the fee and wait for ATT. Thank you.


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Im planning to retake NCLEX RN in hawaii for the second time around because I failed, do I need to pay for registration in BON Hawaii or just pay pearson vue? tia