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Hi y'all. Canadian, just moved to Tampa from Fort Lauderdale. Restarting my nursing career after working as a librarian. Does anyone, by any chance, have any suggestions as to where i can look for part time work as a ppsych nurse, either mornings during the week or anytime during the w/e? registries? Agencies? This is al still new to me. Thanks, and hope your day goes well.

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First, do you have an American nursing license. Have you completed Visa Screen? These two things are required before you can do anything else. Depending where in Canada that you are from, you may need to do the English exams also.


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Welcome to the site and welcome to the US.

Good luck finding the type of employment you're seeking.


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Welcome to the group Arleen. We're glad to have you aboard. My grandson and former son-in-law are Canadians. My grandson was born in St Catherines Hospital.:)


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