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I just had an interview and got the job for an 11-7 shift and I am so excited as weird as it sounds 3rd shift is my dream shift. Apparently I will be taking care of 98 patients, I even asked the question in different wording(didn't want her to think I was put off by it) but again she said 98. Is this normal?I know you get way more patients at night but 98 seems like a lot..am I wrong? I did night shift a few times at my previous job and it was 30 so this is new to me!

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I'm assuming/hoping 98 pts means they are independent in an ALF, non medical setting.

I've never worked that type of unit, though I did work in a neighboring unit.

I'm hoping someone who has worked that type of unit with those ratios will chime in to give input!


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It is a skilled nursing facility. There are 294 beds in the whole place and she said I'd be working with 3 other CNA's at night, so it does add up to be 98 each. I am kind of hoping I misunderstood something! I have only worked as a CNA for three months so I don't consider myself experienced at all for 98 patients.


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is that even legal?! i dont see how it would even be possible to care for half that number by your self, much less 98.

i am working the night shift, and i have 8 people, 10 at the most.


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I am assuming it was a misunderstanding on my part, no way could they expect one person for 98 people, but she definitely said I would be working with 3 other Cnas, maybe it is 3 on a unit and we split the 98..but then why not say I would get 32 patients?....I guess we'll see what happens when I start.


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What state are you in? Really its normal for about 16-17 you can barley manage to get by with 20-22 residents "safley" especially when you have to change them every 2 hours per state law. 30 is honestly extreme but 98?!?! Thats my whole building census. I believe in any state 98 would be more then likely illegal. If you call state on them 1 of 2 things will happen

The building will get a huge!!!!! Fine for that and not meeting ppd standards or building would be shut down hope it helps


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I am in Illinois. It is actually a really good facility based on ratings and reviews,it is one of the top rated. It doesn't seem like those shady places I read about. There has to be something I missed as soon as I heard 98 patients that's all I could focus on in my head


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I finally got some clarification today in our new hires meeting. 3rd shift gets about 35 patients each. It still seems likes quite a bit for total care. For the next three days I will be shadowing a CNA, so we'll see how that goes....

I surprisingly ran into one of my co workers from my old facility and she is working the same shift as me so it is nice to have someone I kind of know. She already completed her shadowing and was telling me they all were mean and didn't want to show her anything, I am pretty nervous after hearing that!


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35 is still high. I work graves a lot, and I generally have about 12-14 pts.


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98 pts in your care for a SNF? I hope you know SNF's are some of the most if not most demanding settings where CNA's take on a driver seat role. Definitely not worth it whatsoever, especially for noc when its expected to frequently toilet and turn bihourly

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I rarely say this, but 98 SNF pts is too many. SNF means skilled nursing. That means they need "skilled nursing", which requires medical interventions by the nurse, based on MD orders.

I have seen non medical assisted living facilities (ALFs) with these ratios.

But I've never seen this with a SNF. Ca you shadow an experienced nurse to see how she manages 100 pts? Perhaps it is possible.

In a non medical setting, on days or nights I've only personally been responsible for up to ~55.

I worked in an ALF that had a ratio of 150/1 nurse and 1-2 aides for nocs. I didn't work nocs there myself, though.

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I hope you mean 3 aides for 98 patients.

I have 22 (44 on my unit with only 2 aides) and I'm overwhelmed.

98....it would take at least an hour and a half to change them all at once and thts if it only takes one min to change them!