3rd is a charm


i have been reading most of the threads here and i would like to thank everyone. Reading others stories gave me the strength to keep going and never give up.

Just short recount on my NCLEX journey. I graduated from a BSN program in MAY/20014. Took the Boards the first in August and failed with 75 questions. I felt a little bad but on the other i did not really study. second time around I did the hurst online, some Saunders and La charity. Failed again with 265 question. I cried for a few days and then picked my self up. started reading others experience on this page. 3rd time around since I knew i was ok on content, i did lots and lots of question. 265 questions again, i was like lord may your will be done. Got home tried the PVT with a american express gift card and kept getting the invalid card message. From reading about the PVT i knew i had failed again. this time i was numb. i cried all night. how could this have happened to me again. I couldn't get out bed, then i remember i had received a notice from the board of nursing to renew my current LPN licence. I thought i might as well go renew it since i will be an LPN for a little while longer. i logged in to do my renewal and what did i see. RN license active. thank you Lord

to those still on the journey keep going and never give up. Also do not trust the PVT, like they say it's just a trick and not 100% accurate


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Very happy for you! I have failed once already, knew I could've studied harder. I'm doing that this time. Hopefully I will pass. Good work, wish you well on your journey!