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  1. ksidhu

    The Sad Truth: Version 2.0

    I can understand why you're sharing your experience. I see that you are pointing out the fact that it shouldn't matter where you get your degree, as long as you have the credentials, you shouldn't be shot down before you apply. You are pointing out that your credentials match up and/or exceed those who've graduated from traditional universities, based on your experience. That is your opinion and you are entitled to that, as well as everyone else. What I don't understand, is the fact that a person would be so negatively invested in your post, that he or she would share their opinion & comment on both posts to tell you that you need to move on. I feel that is contradicting of them. But of course, all entitled the their own. Glad to know I'm not the only one sensing the tension.
  2. ksidhu

    NCLEX-RN!!!! Testing next week, HELP!!

    Hi! I have taken both, passed HESI but failed NCLEX. I took them very far apart though. I do remember the HESI book was great for the HESI test, but I highly recommend not to rely on just that or Saunders for NCLEX. I think adding just one more review would be a good idea. I've never done the app, but Kaplan seems to be a great one to go with. What I'm doing to pass my test now is going over material I am not comfortable with as I answer questions. That way, you can tailor your study program to you. That's just a small tip though, keep on studying your content and taking mock NCLEX tests of you can! Make sure you know your labs and Med classifications with as many meds as you can retain! Know maslows by heart and focus on actual problems, rather than potential ones first. I feel like that's what I may have done the worst on, but that's just me. I hope you pass!!! Good luck!!!
  3. ksidhu

    3rd is a charm

    Very happy for you! I have failed once already, knew I could've studied harder. I'm doing that this time. Hopefully I will pass. Good work, wish you well on your journey!
  4. ksidhu

    Failed NCLEX 2 Times-Help!

    I tried leaving a comment and it didn't post? Hope it doesn't double up on me. Anywho, I graduated 09/2012, life got in the way for me as well and I didn't test my first time until 11/2014. I am using Kaplan, Hurst & Saunders. Just for reviews. I was planning on purchasing NCSBN but I don't know how much more helpful that will really be. What I've come to terms with is that I already graduated, it's been a while, and I no longer have interaction with nursing students. That makes it harder for me to retain info because it's not as interactive. I am a kinesthetic learner, so I have to talk it out or actually do it to fully embed information to my brain. I think having a study group is a great way to connect with other people, work through kinks together and make the material more 'real'. If you're interested in a Skype study group, that is something I'm working on getting set up. Good Luck! And remember... I've been out of school for over TWO years, and I'm still working on it. And I know we will pass soon!!!
  5. ksidhu

    Study partner/buddy via skype/online

    Add me (km sid) on Skype :)
  6. ksidhu

    Study partner/buddy via skype/online

    I am taking it 2/24/2015 I need a study partner so I'm up for Skype (km sid). I have Kaplan/Saunders/Hurst that I am using to study with.
  7. ksidhu

    testing in a few weeks! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am on your same boat. I took mine in November 14' and am scheduled to take it again 2/24/2015. As soon as I get myself to study, I get anxious, I read the same thing over and over just to understand it, then remembering it becomes a whole different struggle! These are some tips I am using to hopefully get me to pass. 1. DEDICATE SPACE FOR STUDYING. I can't study in my kitchen, dining room, on my bed or at work. I utilize downtime at work to take practice questions, but it is way too distracting to focus study time in any of those areas. I literally went to a thrift shop, bought a $10 desk and chair that was small enough to fit in my room and I dedicate that space for JUST STUDYING. I've been told to do this in the past, never did it till now and I am actually proud of having that space! 2. YOU HAVE TO HAVE A SCHEDULE Seriously, get a calendar, print one off, ANYTHING! I know that I have one hour from when I get off work to shower, eat and get ready to study. I know that during my workweek, I study from 6-10. I am disciplining myself and micromanaging myself to keep ME accountable of my time. If I don't adhere to my schedule, I have 'procedures' that follow. 3. DISCIPLINE YOURSELF If you fail to stick to your schedule, or something unavoidable pops up, you have to make up for it. THIS IS YOUR CAREER. Be your boss. If I veer off my track, I usually use the weekends to make up for it. I'll double the amount of questions I usually have or whatever I feel is necessary depending on how much I feel I missed out on. 4.THERE WILL ALWAYS BE AN EXCUSE You'll have family, relationships, work, etc., pulling you away from your study time. You just have to say no. When you refuse to hang out or when you have to tell your work that you have a full schedule and can't come in for an on call shift or stay late for a meeting, YOU ARE ONLY TELLING THE TRUTH. Again, THIS IS YOUR CAREER. 5. BE REALISTIC Don't plan to study for 8 hours if you know you can't. I started out by doing 50 questions a day (split in half actually) and worked my way up to 100-150 a day. Start with something you know you can deal with and challenge your self by adding more everyday. Again, be realistic. If your test is in a few weeks, think of how much you need to challenge yourself and how much more studying you need to add to be more confident everyday to pass your test. It goes both ways, this is the NCLEX after all. 6. PLAN ON WHAT TO STUDY I wish I could be detailed enough to say how many hours I will spend studying certain topics, but the truth is, I find out what I need to study as I do it. You have to tailor it to yourself. Some programs help organize information for you, but you have to study that information according to your needs. For example, as I answer questions from Kaplan or Saunders, I focus on why I got questions wrong. If it was lack of knowledge, I spend extra time on the subject to feel like I thoroughly understand it. When I come across meds I don't know, I write them down. Same with Labs. Right before I finish studying, I look at my paper of 'need to knows' and I either make flash cards or read up extra on whatever I wrote down. Once you start looking up certain things like meds or labs or disease processes, it will take you on a journey of learning lol. There will be something else related to that one little thing you looked up that you will want to know about. Remember to stay on track! 7. PLAN AHEAD I know I'm saying planning a lot. But it's just about anticipating your needs and staying organized to not feel overwhelmed about doing so much. I know that I utilize flash cards a lot. So I cut up flashcards Sunday night so I don't spend extra study time on things like that. I also do my planning for the week on Sundays, I grocery shop, put gas in, everything I can think of that I'll need during the week, I do it on Sundays. It may sound excessive, but think of how much all these little things get in the way during your week when you can be studying. I dedicate half a day to being prepared for the week and even though my week doesn't turn out perfect, it does go by smoother and I have been more successful with staying focused. This doesn't really go into detail of all I do, surprisingly, but you get the idea. I have a notepad that I use to jot down things I need to look up. I do this so that I can finish whatever it is I'm reading and avoid getting off track with what I initially was focusing on. Also, I end the day with things I want to start with the next day. Let's say I was studying cardiovascular, if I had a bunch of meds I didn't know related to that subject, the next day I use that to begin my study session. I focus on med classifications and try to memorize meds within that category using my flash cards. Kaplan is a great review. They have great questions and the more questions I take, the more topics I look up and the more knowledgable I feel. I hope this novel of mine helps somewhat. I'm looking for a study partner/group because I've found that going over information with people, even if it's brief, helps me retain my knowledge more because it's more interactive for me. I'm a kinesthetic learner so I have to feel motivated to learn and actually do it. Connecting with people that are learning the same thing makes it more real for me. Good luck!
  8. ksidhu

    Nclex 2/24/2015 study with me!

    Hi Everyone, I am taking NCLEX for the 2nd time and have promised myself I will pass. I have had a long and hard journey as most of you have and I would love to have people who are close to taking their NCLEX study with me! I feel the pressure and I am completely determined! WE CAN TOTALLY PASS THIS TEST! Some people are stronger in some areas I am weak in and I have areas I feel confident about that I can help you work on! I am currently reviewing Kaplan/HURST/Saunders. Also, I picked up an awesome 30 pg study crammer someone posted here on allnurses. If you would like to study partner/group/addition to your study group, PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS!! I think Skype would be a great method to connect with study partners, but I am open to any great idea for studying. Thanks
  9. ksidhu

    Study partner/buddy via skype/online

    When are you taking your NCLEX?
  10. ksidhu

    Washington State Nurses help!

    Haha excuse my typos and grammatical errors.. But yeah English is my second language. I was born and raised here though, so I know English better than Spanish. My thoughts can get pretty sporadic and that may very well show in my writing/typing. I have an ADN and plan on moving to the Seattle area, at least for now. I've done some research and it seems like the west side pays more than the east side of WA and the climate also appears to be more of what I'd like. I hear people say the same thing about jobs here in Salt Lake because of how over saturated we are with nurses but I've seen many of my colleagues get in right where they want to be if they actively search and do well with interviews. Where in Washington do you work if you don't mind me asking?
  11. Hello! This is my first time posting anything on here! Well I took my NCLEX and FAILED.. Like miserably. I was stunned as soon as I found out. That was in November, and now I'm taking my exam in February. I am positive I will past (hopeful & staying positive) and I have to move from Utah to Washington state. I am taking my exam here in Salt Lake, UT. I've lived here since I was a kid and never lived anywhere else besides my birth town in LA. I know the hospitals and facilities around Utah fairly well. I know the hospitals I'd like to work for based on pay and the work environment feedback that I've gotten from other nurses, especially for new nurses. Since I know very little about WA state, I was hoping someone on here would give me some advice as to where it's more beneficial for new nurses to start out pay-wise & a work environment that is easy for learning and growth rather than condescending. Please help me out! I appreciate all the advice I can get! Thank You & God bless!