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could someone help me with the care plan im needing my rationale/pathosphysiology of pain, fatigue, anxiety, and risk of infection any help would be nice

SopranoKris, BSN, RN

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What specifically are you having trouble with? We can't just come up with a care plan and do your work for you. What is the background on your patient? What do you think the appropriate nursing diagnoses would be for this patient? You mentioned pain, fatigue, anxiety and infection. In what context? What is your patient demonstrating to you right now that makes you believe you need to focus on these four things as your priorities while caring for him/her?

HouTx, BSN, MSN, EdD

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You can't just pick Nursing Dx out of the air. Each has a set of defining characteristics... that should coincide with your assessment findings.

llg, PhD, RN

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... and diagnoses don't have "rationale." Rationale are for interventions ... the explanations of why you are doing those interventions and how they will work to help the patient.

You need to organize your thoughts a bit and give us more information for us to be able to help you. What is your assessment of this patient? What is his/her medical diagnosis? What are his/her nursing diagnoses? What is the pathophysiology of those diagnoses that are pertinent to your care plan? What interventions are appropriate for the identified problems? Why are those interventions appropriate? What are the goals for your care? How will you evaluate whether or not your interventions are successful or not?

Start laying these things out ... and your care plan will emerge. You can then ask for help as you find holes in your information and/or understanding.

just getting started espically the pathosphysiology part I guess I don't really understand its meaning.


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I'm not exactly sure what you mean, but first with the assessment. What is it telling you? Why might this be happening? (Patho), then you formulate your nursing diagnosis based on that assessment. You use the "related to" next to your nursing diagnosis to connect the assessment.

Come up with a plan now? What do you want to see in the patient? What is the goal? It has to be measurable and realistic.

Now what is the nursing intervention? Why are you doing it? (rationale)

Now evaluate, did the patient meet the goals? Why? Anything you could've done differently?

There you have your care plan


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This is an example for you, why is the patient at risk for infection? You can't just put that down, where is your assessment that led you to believe so? Some examples are: impaired skin integrity, diabetes, immunosupressed, invasive procedures, etc.

So Let's go with a stage 3 decubitus ulcer is seen on your patient. This is your assessment, there is a pressure ulcer, it is stage 3, and of course the skin is not intact.

So what is this? Risk for infection bc of portal of entry (patho) as seen from the nonintact skin from the pressure ulcer.

Plan? Prevent infection, and facilitate wound healing. So patient will be free of symptoms of an infection, like no fever, no swelling, lab tests norm, etc.

Intervention: what do you do to prevent infection? Hand hygiene, aseptic technique, assess for sign of infection, change the dressing as ordered, facilitate healing, administer things like vit c as ordered. Educate the patient on proper care, aseptic technique, hand hygiene, signs of infection etc.

Evaluate: did the patient get an infection or exhibit signs during your shift? Where the precautions taken?