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What are your overall reviews on your nursing profs that you've had in terms of clarity helpful and easiness. No need to name names just curious.

I just want to compare different profs in different programs

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I think you are asking the impossible as there are too many variables and ranking will be so subjective. Rather than judge your instructors, try to find a way to work with them. Your school career will go much more smoothly.

I know.it will but I'm asking.what kind.of.teachers you've had.. pick one of your nursing profs and post the score is what I'm asking. Nothing impossible about that unless there not on the site

whuh? score one? what scale?

most of mine were great. my psych instructor had a breakdown and had to leave, but most psych folks are crazy anyway.

Only nursing profs allowed and ratemyprof.com has the scale for you

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I am confused on the reasoning of your post...

You want the readers to pick one nursing instructor and tell you what we would rank them based on ratemyprof.com ?

Yes you got it right

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i just checked out my husband on ratemyprofessor.

his overall score is 4.6

he is considered helpful except by one student who says he is very unhelpful.

he is interesting and informative

his tests are fairly graded

he either does or does not play favorites, depending upon which student is rating -- mostly does not

he does not digress

he does not take attendance

you can call him at home and he doesn't yell

i'd say subjectivity plays too great a role in many of the ratings to be very reliable.

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