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1. have there been questions about vaccinations, should I bother memorizing that chart?

2. Are there many diet/nutrition questions?

3. In terms of lab values, was the emphasis on knowing the normal values, or what to do/what it means if the level is high or low?

4. What was your testing site like? Are there rows of people taking the test? Are you allowed to bring water or snacks?


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I took my NCLEX-PN in California. I got questions concerning lab values, I needed to know which was was out of range. As far as vaccines didn't get a single question, but my friend did. We were not allowed to take water or food in the testing area. We could leave thing in a locker. Good luck

I haven't taken the NCLEX, BUT I can almost promise you yes to 1,2, and 3. I wouldn't say memorize the chart, but know about the circumstances surrounding them. What happens if they miss one, what happens if they get exposed to a certain disease(while they have a disease themselves). What side effects the immunization may give. It sounds like a lot but it's not really. And for labs I'd know the normals, and what to do or what you'd see when they are high or low. It's not too much, promise


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Yes, memorize lab values, i have taken nlex rn 5 times, i saw lab values in three out of the five, remember abg is included. Know the range, so that no matter how they twist the question you will answer it.

Yes diet and nutrution do come out, i have came accross it in my two exams, foods to avoid while taking some drugs and foods to avoid in a particular disease condition. Always have in mind you might not see any of these, all depends on how you answer each question, but is good to preper well before going bc you never know.

Immunizations do come out expecially in children and the age they do have them. i will advice you to read them not to memorize.

About the exam center, there are other canditates taking different type of test not only nclex rn or lvn, but everyone minds his or her business facing their various computers.

You can come with your snacks if you like but it will be locked in a drawer they will provide for you, you may take them when you are on break if you wish but, remember your time is going even when you are on break, there is water available for you in the center, you choose when you want it but not insde the testing room.

Be confident to yourself, be in control. Dont allow yourself to be nervous, bc you will end up choosing a wrong answer even when you know it, it has been my problem and it has never profited me. pls remove fear okay.

Good luck.


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