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Nearly ten years ago I was speaking with a military recruiter, and one of their "moral type questions" was inquiring as to whether or not I had children, was pregnant now or ever, and if I had had an abortion....

I can understand the logic in asking if a person currently is pregnant, but what's with the other questions? Is this normal questioning? Besides what would they do if a person said that they had been pregnant and in the past had an abortion... really now? Or was this particular recruiter just a whacko?

Just curious


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I'm guessing it was medical history related. My recruiter asked about kids, types of deliveries, and complications also.


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My recruiter only asked:

-- "if I had children, how many and ages (I think)".

He didn't ask about pregnancy potentials or losses---Perhaps because I am a "too long in the tooth" for more kids?? Who knows, but "the questions he asked you" seem invasive, particularly since he is not a healthcare provider---?



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It just always stood out to me as odd that they would ask these types of questions. Its interesting to hear other people's experiences with these recruiters as well. I also wonder if it is dependent on which branch of the military you are speaking with...


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male provider point of view.... other than in an office with a provider i don't see the justification for that question. although i must admit the ways of the military are so different it appears even the recruiters can't keep up (no this is not justifying his question, just my experience).

possibly did he mean had an abortion instead of received an abortion??? but still coming from a recruiter!?!

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