how do raises work at your hospital??


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wow, thanks for all the responses.

I do make a lot more than $24/hr, but the hospital I work at is in a rough area, so I assume that's why. I was told by someone who works in HR that not many of the hospitals gave raises this year because of the economy, and I sorta thought she was lying! I guess not.


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I'm fairly certain that the ACLS and PALS courses at Luzerne are for the medic program only. I know Jim Johnson (Director) and was told I could be "squeezed in" to the ACLS and PALS classes as a favor. go on under their EMS section. Look for "Course Schedule by County" and they have their EMS and Fire classes listed which includes ACLS and PALS (and PHTLS which is a good primer for ER work)


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The union was responsible for the only raise I have ever received in health care. I got another raise as a substitute for an incentive bonus at a job where I later found out that all sorts of people hired after me were being paid substantially more than me. So much for that little "bonus" for doing a good job.


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I see, that's cool! I believe you are an adrenalin junkie. LOL! I also have my BSN though didn't really meant anything since I'm a foreign trained nurse. Where can we get certified for ACLS and PALS? Does Red Cross do the training? I wanna get a Phlebotomy training too but I don't know where to check it out. Do you have any idea?

Here is the link for the Phlebotomy training...I was just looking into it myself.

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We get annual reviews(both peer and management) and if our overall performance exceeds a certain level, we get a raise. Occasionally we get a cost of living adjustment too. The hospital also gives small bonuses to nurses with additional certifications such as CCRN or PCCN.