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"RaDonda Vaught, a former Vanderbilt nurse criminally indicted for accidentally killing a patient with a medication error in 2017, was stripped of her license by the Tennessee Board of Nursing on Friday at a contentious and at times tearful medical discipline hearing."

The criminal trial is scheduled for March 21, 2022.

A timeline of events can be found here 


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Wow thanks for posting this. Scary situation all around. Fascinating to read all the documents!


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Wow indeed. 

Criminal charges? Yikes.

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"I think when this case is tried, and the facts come out, it's a mistake and it's not all of her fault either," Strianse said. "There are some real systemic problems with the way they dispense medicine through that automatic dispensing system."


Thanks for the update.  

Ultimately we all know that the one administering the medication is ultimately responsible but one does have to look at root cause analysis to find out how it happened as well.  Vaught is not denying her mistake.

I agree with her losing her license to practice.   I'll wait and see how the criminal charges pan out because apparently she didn't stay with the patient after administering the medication.  I don't think she's a criminal though.


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