Who can write annual review?

  1. I am working in a combined Cath/Angio Lab and cover Radiology & PICCs as needed. My director is not a nurse (respiratory therapist). He has no direct knowledge of what we do and is rarely present to observe us with patients. Our annual reviews are coming up and I am concerned. I have been told by this person that I am overly opinionated because we often clash on nursing decisions and patient care. For example, he has told us where to stand during procedures and has mandated a specific length of time we may spend inserting PICC lines.
    Can I refuse to accept his evaluation? I love my work but am at a loss and do not want a negative review. Furthermore, I feel like I am being pushed out of a job his unreasonable expectations.

    Can anyone give me sources to back up the inappropriateness of a non nurse evaluating nurses? I know it is not unusual in radiology to have a non nurse director but we have no direct line to nursing.

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  3. by   dianah
    Bottom line is, how can a non-nurse fully evaluate you in terms of NURSING skills/judgment/functioning?
    Yes he can evaluate how you perform the tasks to the department's standards and satisfaction but as far as NURSING is concerned?
    At the very least, the evaluation would need to be reviewed by the DON or some other RN.
    I know this is a sticky issue for many departments.
    Will have to do some research on this for more info.
  4. by   dianah
    Just re-reading your post: As nurses, you SHOULD have some sort of connection to the Nursing Department.
    Perhaps can get someone from Nsg Dept to help look over or write the elements of the annual review,from NURSING perspective.
  5. by   BexnRN
    I had the same problem when I started in Interventional Radiology. My first suporvisor told me she was a tech and my jaw dropped. I made enough noise and we eventually got a sort of a nursing supervisor. I believe it's a Joint Commision requirement. You might check and see. NO ONE but another nurse has any business doing your performance review.