When do you hydrate the pt

  1. Settle a bet guys,how high is the creatinine when you pre hydrate the pt.Thanks
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  3. by   dianah
    ALL pts who will receive IV contrast should be prehydrated, in order to PREVENT any CIN (Contrast-induced nephropathy).

    Check out the articles below (obtained by doing a Google search using the words "contrast prehydration prevent nephropathy"):




    (who is betting, and what are the differing opinions??) --- D
  4. by   BigDog
    Thank you for the articles I practice in a free standing CT/MRI clinic but the info helped prove my point.
  5. by   dianah
  6. by   jer_sd
    Keep in mind IV contrast is also a diuretic so it is important to hydrate before and after the injection. In a patient without renal insuficency I am comfortable with PO hydration rather than IV.
  7. by   RADNURSE1
    We recently have been checking the GFR (glomerular filtration rate) in addition to the creatinine. If your lab is not reporting this you can go to www.nkdep.nih.gov and use the calculator. If the GFR is <60 the Rads will decide on before or after. At present they all want something different, but we are working on protocols.
  8. by   DutchgirlRN
    Creatinine over 1.6 we administer 1/2 of the contrast dose and hydrate afterwards.
  9. by   dianah
    We do use Visipaque (iodixanol) for creat >1.5 AND eGFR <60. All other exams we use Omnipaque 350 (iohexol). This is for Cath Lab use.

    IR uses Visipaque exclusively.