Need to bone up on IR before new job starts

  1. Hi! I have worked for over 4 years in interventional radiology. I took off a year to go sailing, and after fits and starts in other areas, I just got another job in IR!I am WAY happy! But, now I want to review stuff -- I can't afford to buy anything until that paycheck, but there must be an online site that would help me bone up on stuff -- it's been 17 months since I've done it and I need to be brought up to date! Of course, I've been reviewing my acls stuff but specific IR stuff, on line, is needed!
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  3. by   dianah
    I don't know of any sites, offhand. . .

    Congrats on your new IR position, and my gut feeling is, it'll all come back to you after you start!
    Review the new facility's policies/procedures.
    Ask questions (I know you will!).
    Jump right in!
    (Does the Dept have any resource materials on hand you could borrow and review, before you start? That might make you feel more confident)

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes!
  4. by   inshallamiami
    Thanks Dianah!

    I will definitely follow your advice. I will start hospital orientation next week so hopefully I can get my hands on their policies/procedures/ protocols before I start. What can I say? I'm a big reader!

    ps -it's amazing how excited i am to go back to IR!
  5. by   dianah
    I really liked IR: always crazy-busy, always varied, always interesting (sometimes sad)!
    Good for short-term goal-oriented ppl like me, lol!

    I feel your excitement!
    Hope the job is everything you want and more.
    (keep us informed on how things are going!)