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  1. Hello , I just found this site today, I'm also really new to this chat stuff. I have 2 years current Neuro- Trauma ICU nursing experience and 16 years of high risk labor-delivery, what a range huh? . My question is I have a friend that has suggested that I transfer to radiology and join about 10 other nurses on their unit . Besides good assessment and sedation monitoring skills, what do I need to be proficeint in? thanks
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  3. by   dianah
    multi-tasking and intuition (seriously!!)!

    What are the duties of the nurses in the rad. dept? Will you be only sedating, or doing pre-procedure checking (labs, appropriateness of exam r/t condition of pt, etc), set-up, circulating, etc???
  4. by   87-daisy
    [thanks for the reply, I have thought about all of the things you listed, and toured the unit recently. It looks like something I would really like to do, a lot of attonomy and team work in a variety of areas. wish me luck
  5. by   dianah
    Of course: Good luck! (and a good sense of humor doesn't hurt! )
  6. by   woodsyny
    I left the emergency room 6 years ago to go into radiology nursing not having a clue of anything about it. i knew I wanted out of the ER as my back was shot and we were constantly being mandated and I was just burnt out.

    I have no regrets and it is the BEST thing I have ever done. Great environment,great co-workers and have learned a lot. Most of the nurses in our department are burn outs from the Er and ICU and CCU. We all got on the job training and learned from the other nurses in our department and it is always great to learn something new. I can actually say I love my job and the department I am in. Go for it!