I accessed a new power port for use with power injector, anyone else?

  1. We had a lung CA patient come in for a CT Abd/Pelvis w/wo contrast. She said her veins were not accessible and we could use her port.

    She had an identification card in her wallet explaining the safety of pushing contrast through it with a power injector. The feel of accessing is the same as with any port. You have to use a huber needle specifically make for use with the power port. Afterwards flush and heplock.

    When I checked with the surgeon who had inserted the port he told me that he is exclusively inserting power ports and that we should expect to see alot more of them. I could not find a link on the particular model that she had but this one is very similar.
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  3. by   dianah
    Wow, thanks for the info and the link.
  4. by   SoccerMomNC
    We have been using the Power Loc needles for the Power Ports for about 10 months. We still have high pressure readings during the injection for CT. Anyone else have problems with this?? Yes, it flushes easily with saline and has good blood return.