dialysis after contrast in crf

  1. Can anyone tell me what they do after giving dialysis patients contrast? Do you dialyse within 2hours? If so do you have any WRITTEN documentation eg articles to support the practice? I need to be able to refer to something in this ongoing battle I am having. Thanks a bunch. Jules:kiss
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  3. by   radnurse2001
    We make ever attempt to dialize patients after contrast due to the high probability of pulmonary edema. Their nephrologist is usually involved therefore we recieve no problems from our inhouse dialysis unit.

  4. by   GWVRNS
    good question. Any other answers?
  5. by   Radnurse54
    MRI has a very definitive window of time to have dialysis since their contrast though not being iodinated is a compounded drug that begins to breakdown in a short period of time. This is problematic for patients with little or no kidney perfusion since the components of the MRI contrast are renal toxic.
    Look up MRI safety on the web and there are several excellent sources for contrast documentation. As for iodinated contrast such as CT I would look to the type of contrast given and get some information from their manufacturers as to their suggested times for dialysis. Iodinated Contrast is a large pool of drugs and there is a wide variation in the renal toxicity.
    I hope this helps.