Complications seen from Treating Prostate Cancer? (Need advice)

  1. i have experienced some complications from my treatments for prostate cancer. i thought someone that works closely with patients may have some advice for me? i live in a very small town and want to make sure i that my doctor has done everything needed to treat me. thansk!!!!

    i am 74 years old and recently have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. rated a 7 out of 10 for aggressiveness. i was told the prostate had 5% infected with cancer and was caught early. i immediately began radiation treatments. after the treatments i have been experiencing severe back pain, a swollen right testicle (30%) and 2 very tender lumps on my right testicle.

    please share your advice, answers or alternative treatments to stop my sever pain.

    the treatments lasted 28 day straight and then i took 1 month off to recover.
    - i had moderate swelling (20-30% increase) in my right testicle throughout the entire radiation treatments.
    - throughout the radiation treatments the doctor prescribed me oral antibiotics to fight infection and reduce pain and swelling. the oral antibiotics where not effective and i still experienced pain and swelling. (note: tried 3 different types of antibiotics)

    a month after my radiation treatments, i began my 2 separate needle implant treatments. they insert 18 needles below scrotum and pump radiation through the needles. each radiation treatment was done a week apart. just after the last needle implant i began experiencing...
    - more swelling in my right testicle. (increased from 20% to 30%)
    - 3/8" lump on bottom of right testicle (not attached). the lump is very tender and painful.
    - unbearable pain in my groin and scrotum and a slight back pain.

    after the needle treatments i lifted a heavy object and then began experiencing.
    -constant lower back pain. the pain seems to come from my right testicle and then runs up to my lower back and continues down my right leg, just below my knee.
    - swollen right testicle. (30%)
    - 3/8" lump on bottom of right testicle (not attached). the lump is very tender and painful.
    - unbearable pain in my groin and scrotum.

    after seeing no improvements in my pain and swelling the doctor placed me in the hospital and was given an iv. during my 7 day stay, the iv constantly feed me a single antibiotic. the doctor tried 2 different types of antibiotic, but neither antibiotic reduced my swelling or pain.

    i then received a second opinion form another urologist. these urologists suggested isolating the pain. both urologists decided to given me a "2 in 1 shot" consisting of cortisone and blocker to my right epididymal tube in my right testicle. everyone was hoping the shot would stop the pain. it has been 5 days since the shot and it is apparent that the pain and swelling has not been reduced. just yesterday i have now discovered a 2nd lump (unattached) that is the size of a marble on right side of my right testicle.

    [b]my urologist is thinking the back pain may have nothing to do with my swollen testicle and is scheduling me to see a back specialist next week.

    the urologist has mentioned that if the back specialist sees no problems that the next step would be to remove my right testicle. ouch!!! i have no problem losing the right testicle if it solves my swelling, lumps, and pain. my concerned is that they may misdiagnose me and i still have problems after the removal.

    thanks! :spin:
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  3. by   augigi
    I'm very sorry for your situation, but we cannot give medical advice here. I'd advise you to keep seeking second opinions until you get some relief.
  4. by   gr8rnpjt
    Hi Oldguy,
    Not sure I like having to call you old guy but so be it that is your screen name, so here goes.
    I am sorry for your diagnosis and the problems you are having. It is pretty scary being diagnosed with cancer. You are lucky to have a dr that appears to be attacking the problem agressively and trying to control the side effects. You are also lucky to be an informed consumer, taking notes and carefully monitoring your situation so you can report new concerns to your attending...
    Unfortunately, we nurses are not allowed to give advise on this forum, not the kind you probably want to receive. We need to respectfully ask you to direct any questions you may have about your treatment to your doctors.
    Luckily, Mr. Oldguy, you are very obviously computer savvy (you got here, didn't you?) so you have a wealth of information at your fingertips.
    Although we at allnurses are not allowed to give advise or recommendations, we are allowed to pray for our patients, and our friends in this forum--including you. I will include you in my prayers tonight, that you will receive the help you need, and I will ask God to bless the hands of the doctors and nurses that care for you. Best of luck to you in your recovery from cancer.
    Love, Patti
  5. by   traumaRUs
    I too am very sorry for your situation oldguy. However, as both posters alluded to, we can't provide medical advice. Please seek a second opinion and good luck. Take care sir!