Clean vs Sterile Procedures

  1. Mock JC is at our main hospital telling them that they have to wear masks in a breast biopsy...this is not something that we do because it is considered a clean procedure not a sterile procedure. What do you do?
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    What does the facility policy and recommendations from ARIN state?

    We used to not wear masks for cystoscopy procedures in my OR because it was considered a clean procedure rather than sterile since we were going through a natural body orifice. We now wear masks and treat it as a sterile procedure.
  4. by   8-ball
    I wear mask for everything. Its not just about sterile vs clean, you don't want body fluids hitting you in the mouth, eye, ect. I now wear mask, and eyewear for every case. Except maybe a port check or something simple like that...I started doing that after an incident where an LP got spinal fluid on my mouth (non sterile).
  5. by   serrenzaliz
    We care for people and need to care too for ourself totally agree.
    Use the mask for each procedure because you never know when it might happen an accident.
    on the other hand use it whenever you see someone with persistent cough without knowing diagnosis.