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R E S P E C T: Find out what it means to me!

by KatheyLee KatheyLee (New) New

One of my affirmations is, "I am a valuable person and I am worthy of the respect of others". What are your thoughts about how you are respected in your specialty?

Ms Z

Specializes in ER.

I am glad I came by your post this evening...I am a fairly new ER nurse and am disappointed in how some MDs treat nurses in general.for example, I was using the computer I was logged into and began to sit down to chart and a hospitalist came up to me and said nope this one is mine in a rude tone. Now I understand that he has to put orders in and what not but the WAY he said it ..like he was entitled for me to give up my seat no matter what I was doing.. was very disrespectful . This is not the first time an instance such as this has occurred. It feels as if the nurses must always try to accommodate the docs no matter what the situation and administration almost always backs this behavior up. I feel that this is disrespectful to the nursing profession. MDs no doubt have an important role in health care ..but so do we. :yes:

Racer15, BSN, RN

Specializes in ED. Has 5 years experience.

I would have told that hospitaist to kiss my grits, lol. I get along with most of my ER docs and find the hospitalists to be mostly pleasant but if I've been on that computer all day and they try to bump me off and act rudely about it...nope! I'm an easygoing type of person and if you ask nicely I'll pretty much always say yes but if you are rude or condescending we will have issues.

HouTx, BSN, MSN, EdD

Specializes in Critical Care, Education. Has 35 years experience.

Sheesh - you're working with a Sheldon (Big Bang Theory). Has he claimed that spot after careful analysis of all the environmental factors in play? OCD who is unable to use another device with psychic decompensation? If I was OP, I'd print a fancy "Reserved for Dr ___" sign and put in there, just to avoid any misunderstandings in the future, doncha know? And always make sure that the most uncomfortable, spring sagging, back broken chair was there also. *snark*

Gooselady, BSN, RN

Has 23 years experience.

When a co-worker (whoEVER they are) tells you bluntly you are sitting in their seat, I file them under Jerk (while being very willing to remove them at a later date). Good lord, you'd think he'd peed on it and made it HIS territory or something.

This is an accurate method for determining which staff members (or hell, anyone in every day life) is struggling with egocentricity and victimization. Proceed with caution (koff koff).

I'm not the type to remain seated, though. I totally respect the ones that DO remain seated :) It's just not something I'm going to struggle to do. I'll cheer you on for staying seated and sit with you a while and validate and support your efforts, for sure.