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Hi, for the nurse wanting to know about what is considered outlying area hospitals in Houston area: First, you need to understand that Houston is 600 sq. miles and is broken up in to Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast. Not knowing exactly what quad you will be in I would tell you that if you are thinking of going directly to the Med Center, inside the Loop you may run into some problems. What I meant is in the smaller communities, Katy, Woodlands, Spring Branch, Richmond, Rosenburg, just anywhere out away from the Med Ctr. Areas that are 20-30 miles out from the Med Ctr. I hope that helps you.

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Thanks for the clarification. I think that your information will be enormously helpful to people who are newcomers to the Houston metro area, since it seems as if many people have been relocating there from out-of-state lately.

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What kind of problems in the med center? I work there and we have new hires all the time.


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New Grads, new to the Houston area and no nursing experience; new grads that aren't having any luck because they are being told by some hospitals that they need at minimum of 1 year of experience before they can be considered; or the applicants aren't able to be hired thru the internship program for different reasons.