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"PerkSpot" = huge savings?


I told my recruiter that I would like to be in NYC this Spring/summer and we began talking about housing in NYC. He said in about a month, company is going to offer "perkSpot" to their travelers. He said PS is the best way to save $$ on hotels, airfare, vacations. He suggested that I take the stipend if I go to NYC and use perkSpot to book hotel stays while there....or find my own housing some other way. For anyone who has used perkSpot, do u find the savings to be substantial? I've always been satisfied w/ making deals on Priceline, but recruiter says Priceline save around 50-60 percent, whereas Perkspot saves around 80 percent. I tried googling PS, but unfortunately u have to be a member to see their rates. I am pretty excited that this is going to be offered...I would like to go to Paris next year and hope to save mucho dinero :)))

My cynical nature makes me think this is a zero cost benefit for the agency and this likely to be of little value to you. If it was worth anything, the agency would use it and profit directly.


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What you SHOULD do is take a room in a private home in NYC (NOT a full apt) for the duration of your contract and save money from your stipend that way. You can easily find a $700/mo room in Manhattan if you are willing to put up with less swank but still live in a safe place. And you usually can find a place that gives you access to a kitchen and stuff. Most people think they have to break the bank to live in NYC but fortunately if you look hard enough you will find these gems.

Craigslist and airbnb. Can be done!

Or if you are lucky enough to have family live in NYC that will let you stay with them ...

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