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"I remember how smart you are"


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In an interesting turn of events, I am an NP in the very same hospital I worked before I was a nurse and when I graduated and began my first job as a nurse.

I really feel like I am home and loving the friendly, supportive atmosphere. However, as it is inevitable, I am reunited with some I've worked with in the past. Overall, this has been a pleasant blast from the past. I really do like it and I feel like I am home.

But I hear from different staff, "I'm so proud, I remember how smart you were," or "You were such a smart girl, I knew you'd go far."

I'm grateful to make them proud and have them reflect pleasantly on me, but in the deep recesses of my mind it just niggles a little bit that smart RNs can stay RNs, if they so desire.

I'm sure I'm reading into it too much. After all, I just reintroduced myself in a significantly different role and people have been favorable.

But I thought I'd reflect my thoughts and see what anyone else has to offer.

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Yep - I agree. I've worked with some very smart (way smarter than me) RNs. Nothing wrong with being an RN.

Being an APRN however, I like working with staff: I count on them to be my eyes and ears when I'm on call - to tell me the situation and for me to be able to trust their assessment skills.

In 11 years being an APRN, I've come to find out that not all APRNs are that smart - some just keep going to school - lol

Good thoughts.