"Hell" week is about to begin

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well everyone, tomorrow starts "hell" week for me. exams on monday through thursday (three in a&p) and my final in a&p on friday....throw some good thoughts this way and while your at it send me telekinetic knowledge about the muscles and nervous systems!! lol! i'll let you know how things go!!

are you receiving my telekinetic a&p diagrams? lol ;)

remember to breathe!

love, moni

My university bookstore has some laminated A&P study guide tri-folds. I thought that they were great for review for A&P tests. Good Luck!


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Hello Essarge, I am sending you some good vibes, you will do well in your exams.

I am doing the summer A&P 1. We have already had 2 exams (91/100 & 93/100). Our exams are usually on Mondays, so weekends are for the books. So will the 4th of July.

Hang in there.


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