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"Every Day" Day or NOC shift or both job

I had a patient with many dressing changes that said "do every day." The last several days I had this patient, due to the wild shift I had, this was not a priority and could not be done. I reported to the NOC shift hoping that the torch could be passed and done on their shift. The NOC nurse was having a fit indicating that this is a day shift duty. Well, its a 24/7, I did all the meds on time, had admissions and discharges, the families, the doctors etc to deal with etc. In my mind, in a perfect world the "every day" would of been done on day shift but isn't there 24 hours to a day? Can "every day" be done like every 2100 hours for example? Just want some clarity and input.

suzy253, RN

Specializes in Telemetry/Med Surg.

I agree with you. A few times I have had to put off dressing changes and reported it to the next shift. They might have moaned and complained as well but you can only do so much during your shift. I certainly wouldn't mind doing something for another nurse that she didn't get around to on her shift.

Tweety, BSN, RN

Has 28 years experience. Specializes in Med-Surg, Trauma, Ortho, Neuro, Cardiac.

A nurse coming in at 7p has a lot to do and sometimes can't get to a dressing by 2100, sometimes if a dressing is passed on it's much later and the patient is disturbed when trying to sleep. So as a matter of policy, daily dressing should be done by the day shift. Also if there are any changes or issues with the wound they can be addressed at a reasonable hour.

However, I agree with you. If you can't get to a duty and genuinely have been busy then the next shift should suck it up and shut their mouth because we're a 24/7 operation. My not so humble opinion. LOL

Because I have worked both day and nite shifts I do see both sides. Day shift can be very hectic sometimes dealing with the docs, families, procedures etc... Nite shift can be just as hectic sometimes with bathing, meds, docs, family etc... But absolutely, there are 24 hrs in a day, if the day shift doesn't have time, then most certainly nite shift should do what needs to be done, and visa versa.

We can only do, what we can do, within any given timeframe and that's just a fact of life. I gave up trying to be "super-nurse" for lint.....LOL

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