what does "can transfer up to 5 years" mean?


I was reading requirements for one of the schools I want to go to for associates in nursing and it said a&p is able to be transferred for up to 5 years... Does that mean after 5 yrs you have to take that class again?


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Yes, that is what it means.

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Yep, that's exactly what it means. I graduated from college 18+ years ago and I now have to re-take several courses that I already got an A in because they're "too old" (e.g. A&P, Micro, etc.)

Welcome to the world of higher (priced) education...LOL :rolleyes:

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Yes, if you have taken the class in the past five years then you can transfer those credits. If it's been more than 5 years since you've taken the class then you will have to retake it. The schools do this for a couple of reasons, 1. To make more money from classes, obviously. 2. To make sure that the information from the classes that you took is accurate and up to date. After several years there might be changes in the basic requirements of the curriculum, or the way information is taught. (Although, I can't really think of any big changes that would be made in anatomy and physiology. Seems like it's been pretty consistent for awhile.)