quit LTC after 3 day orientation


So I quit my LTC job after 3 days orientation. I applied at this other LTC facility which I've heard great things about. The thing is, is that when I filled out the application, I realized that both my past job and this new job is under the same parent company. Will they know that I quit my other job after my 3 day orientation? I chose not to disclose it because it was only 3 days, but then again I'm not for sure.


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I would assume that your name will pop up somewhere in their system if they are affiliated. You should probably be honest up front about it instead of them possibly finding out on their own. Why did you quit?


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Hi, I quit because I was so stressed out. For the 4days I was there, we were so understaffed that I was leaving two hours late w/out overtime. I was also asked to do self orientation on the computer w/out pay for 4hrs and just ask questions as needed. I just felt totally unsafe about the patient load and the fact that I could never find anyone for help, there was never anyone around. We also lost our 4th DON in 6months and I was told by the Unit manager that I came in at a bad time. I just felt what was required of me was so very impossible in the 8hrs I was there. I was also scheduled for 40hrs fulltime and they wanted me to work more to help out, I didn't even have time to rest and pull myself together. The 4th day I got sick from all the stress and puked after work. It was too much. I'm not sure if LTC is for me or if it was just the management. I don't wanna give up in LTC, I just wonder if there are better facilities that are willing to invest more than 2-3days of orientation.


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Three to five days are the norm for orientation. An orientation is to get you used to the facility and their routine, paperwork, etc. You are expected to know your skills and meds.

Unpaid overtime is illegal in my part of the world.

I'd say stay away from any other facility under the same management.

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Don't feel bad. I did the same thing at my first job! I was oriented by agency nurses and totally overwhelmed and confused. I realize now that it was probably an okay place/job and it was just me. I really felt bad about leaving (running away). Luckily I found another LTC job that gave me a month's orientation and I worked there for 14 months.

Don't beat yourself up.