Quick Results!!!!!


i know it says 2 days here in ohio .... but how long do they really take?????

i had 85 questions and i am going crazy!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!


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In Illinois it was 48 hours from my scheduled test start time...to the minute.

Waiting stinks!! Good luck to you. :)


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Here in Iowa it also says the 2 days/48 hours. I took the test twicw, and it is exactly 48 hours from the test time, ex: 9:00 appt you will know 48 hours later at 9:00 how you did. Good Luck the waiting is the worst.


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thank you very much, i just keep looking and looking and nothing is there....:uhoh3: what time did your friend take hers? mine was at 3:00, me and 2 other girls and none of ours are in yet.,..... thank u and please keep me posted and was it rn or lpn?


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ty guys .... i found out my results on a SAT. and I passed!!!!!!!! thanks again


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Congratulations! :monkeydance:

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