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I'd just like to mention that I recieved a very nice scholarship to WSSU right from high school, and in hopes of making a choice I tried to contact the BSN director. I'll just say that through contact with him I choose to do the ADN here instead, even though I had a full scholarship, honors invitations and top of the line campus living~



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wow...thanks for all that info. I have my bachelors and am also considering Winston Salem State. Do you live in Winston...I am a little worried about all the drive time as I live about 1 hour away...near Statesville, NC??

I have an appointment with the accelerated program director on August 16 for next years program.


The commute gets old sometimes (I now live in Hamptonville, but used to live in Jonesville and the commute was an hour. Now it is 35 minutes! :p ), but the benefits are well worth it! If it makes is any easier, I will be commuting to Greensboro for the next two years.......1 1/2 hours. I am starting the CRNA program through UNCG/Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors! :balloons:

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It is unfortunate you turned down WSSU due to your meeting with the director of the BSN program. As a recent accelerated program graduate, I think the program is a good one and the arrogant attitude I suspect you encountered is not indicative of the School of Nursing faculty.

After six months on the job I feel our preparation was as good or better than any other new nurses from other schools that I have encountered. I work on a large difficult unit with four of my classmates and I know the overall opinion of our preparation has been very favorable.

Good Luck!

Any new nurses that I've talked to have gone on and on about how awesome the WSSU grads are. Not just the accelerated ones, but all the nursing grads. They said they can tell how well the school prepared the students. I wish I had started out at that school right from the start because I'm not happy at all with the school that I'm at (Forsyth Tech).


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I am interested in attending the WSSU accelerated BSN program, but I am concerned about the 3 year work commitment on the backend. I am planning on staying in Winston-Salem now, but what if something comes up and I have to leave? Is there a way out of the contract if I have to leave Winston-Salem? Can I buy out of the contract if I have to? If so, does anyone know what the cost would be to break the contract and pay for the education?


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I was a student at WSSU undergrad and I had a very very very hard time getting in but I hear the accelerated program is very good and difficult at the same time good luck The school does have a new dean of health sciences effective spring 2006 so I am not sure of what new rules have become effective but try it and good luck


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Former WSSU grad C/O 2000 here, would recommend it to anyone. Several friends of mine have completed the accelerated program and have started working at Baptist. They feel that they are very well prepared. True it was stressful but in the very end, it was well worth it. Keep on pressing on.

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