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  1. MrsLilRat

    Question about WSSU Accelerated

    Congratulations on your acceptance into the program. As a alum, I know you will leave the program very prepared for your career as a nurse. Much Luck, try your best to not get frustrated, the accelerated is just as intense as the regular program I went through in the late 90's.
  2. MrsLilRat

    Durham Regional Hospital should be ashamed!

    Wow, I use to work on 5-1, 2003 - 2005, it was actually my first Job as a nurse. The only reason I left was b/c the the Unit Manager at the time was not willing to compromise for me to do only 1-2 nights of Charge nurse vs all 3 of my nights. The mediator couldnt believe my manager was not willing to give me a break for a few weeks, so I submitted my verbal resignation on the spot and started looking for another place to work. Im sorry you had that experience, I enjoyed working there, it had its ups and downs. I agree with everyone, things were starting to get a tad bit dangerous even then, I worked strictly nights we always had 6-7 pateients each including charge nurse, they started trying to make us take 8 patients but we weren't going for that.