Questions in regard to the structure of ADN, BSN, and ABSN programs.

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I know in a typical ADN nursing program, you can take your pre reqs and co reqs while doing nursing classes. But in a BSN or ABSN program, do you have to take your pre reqs BEFORE being accepted into nursing classes or are you taking nursing classes all four years?

And let's say you get your ADN and RN, do you have to go to school for 2 more years to get your BSN or is it a shorter time?

Prerequisites are normally taken before nursing classes. At some schools all must be complete before starting nursing, at other schools certain classes must be completed. It really depends upon the individual schools as to what their policies are.

Some BSN programs are set up so that you take all the prerequisites and then apply to the nursing program (and all the actual nursing classes are Jr and Sr level classes), and some are set up so that you're accepted into the nursing program "up front" and take nursing classes plus the other required courses throughout the four years (or so) of college. It depends upon the individual school. I don't have any experience with accelerated BSN programs, but my understanding is that you would have to have all the prerequisites completed before you began the program, since the point of such programs is that they consist of strictly, purely the nursing components of a BSN program and require that you've already met all the other general ed requirements. But I'm happy to be corrected if I'm mistaken.

The amount of time necessary to complete a BSN (starting from an ADN or diploma) varies, depending on the program and depending on how many (and which) general college credits you have already completed. I was a diploma grad and completed a BSN (at a B&M program, sitting in a classroom) in two semesters (of one day and one evening of classes a week) -- but I also had two years of college credits from before I went to nursing school. Some classmates of mine completed the nursing requirements for the BSN in the same amount of time, but had to go to school longer because they had additional general education requirements to complete. Some people take longer to complete a BSN because they choose to go "very part-time" and only take one or two classes at a time. It depends on the individual to some extent.

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