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2 questions- pregnancy and criminal background


Hi, this is my first post :)

anyways I'm a newer nurse (passed boards march 2014) with a slight criminal background (summary offense of retail theft in 2013) I finally found a job in April 2014 accepting of my background, after being turned down a couple times after the background check! But the job is 44 miles away and with winter coming I started looking for local work, and I have an interview on Friday at a ltc facility less than a mile from my home, but on top of my background I am also 20 weeks pregnant. My question is, should I mention either of these things at the interview, and how should I come about mentioning them? The application only asked if I had misdemeanors or felonies so the answer is no, but a summary offense of retail theft comes up on a background check because if I would ever be charged again with that, it would be a misdemeanor.

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! I can't give you advice about the summary offense because I just don't know, plus I'm concerned about crossing the line into legal advice. But I'll tell you what I did with the other one. My situation was a little different b/c I wasn't pregnant when interviewing so obviously not showing yet, but I got pregnant after the interview and before getting the offer. I told my manager about the pregnancy AFTER she made it clear that yes, the offer was mine. I really wanted the job and didn't want to give her any reason to go w/ another candidate...I mean now knowing her, I don't think she's that type of person, but you just never know. But I did tell her immediately because I didn't qualify for FMLA so soon after starting, but I wanted to see if I could get a 12-week leave negotiated. I figure, after I accept the position there will be NO negotiation.

I don't think managers are allowed to ask about that kind of thing during the interview. Of course if you're showing, they won't have to ask... but if you're not showing I honestly would look out for yourself and not mention it until after you have an offer. Management looks after their own interests; you have to look out for yours. And getting a job within safe driving distance during the winter is a VERY important interest.

Good providence to you!

Thank you for your response! I'm not really completely showing, I just look a little fat! Lol. I want to take only 3-4 weeks off work, because it's only a part time position, so you're saying I shouldn't mention it until i have an offer?

Not hiring you BECAUSE of pregnancy is actually illegal, although it's very difficult to prove- unless they offer you the position and then take it back after finding out your pregnancy status. If they outright ask you (again, they arent supposed to) i would be honest but i wouldnt bring it up until after being given the offer. I was in a temp to hire position when i became pregnant with my first. I was already well into the second tri-mester but hadnt yet told any of my co-workers when i was offered the position. After accepting i told my boss about the pregnancy. He made it very clear, legally they couldnt un-offer me the position. That said, because of what nursing entales i DO think its important that once hired atleast your direct manager knows about your pregnancy. It could affect which patient assignments you are given. :) best of luck!