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Hi there.. I am a 3rd yr student coming closer to choosing my 3 month seniors practicum location. I am seriously considering obstetrics. I loved every minute of my L+D clinical rotation. I am very attracted to the 1 on 1 or 1 on 2 patient care of L+D..I am intrigued by the acuity of the patients and amount of skill involved. I look forward to making a difference in the labouring woman's birthing experience. My questions are, what do you love most about your job? what do you like least about your job? why do you prefer OBs compared to other areas of nursing (if you have worked elsewhere) and if not, what you perceive the benefits to be... thanks for your input.....


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For the reasons you mentioned, I love OB. I do love labor and delivery best. But where I work we do LDRP, labor/delivery, recovery, postpartum care in ONE room, so we follow the mom thru labor to the postpartal stage of her stay. I LOVE this. You get to know your patient and family well. They do not have to transfer rooms, which they love. But LDRP may be tough for you right out of school ....where I graduated, I had no choice. LDRP was the concept at the rural hospital where I worked. It was very overwhelming that first year, but boy did I learn a LOT. The first year out of school is tough for EVERYONE, so take heart. If you are sponge, and try to learn at every opportunity, work hard and are willing to keep current by attending classes and seminars related to the specialty, you will do JUST FINE!

Here is an organization you can check out and join. Our standard of care is modeled and followed after theirs:

Check into the hospitals around and see what is there. IF Labor/delivery and mother/baby (postpartum) are seperate, oftentimes, it is recommended you start out in PP/mother-baby.

GOOD LUCK! Ask me if you have questions.

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I whole-heartedly agree with the above post. I started in Mother/Baby in November and I will start orientation in May for L&D. And next fall I will start training to circulate/scrub/recover c-sections. Part of the reason I chose the hospital that I did is because the way they split the orientations. Much less overwhelming.

Best Wishes!

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