Questions about Mosby CAT...


I have been using the CAT program since the 16th to get ready for NCLEX. I can't quite figure out the reasoning behind where it cuts off. For example, one time it may cut off at 75 ?'s with a difficulty level of .6, the next time at 75 it will make you keep going with a difficulty level over 1.2. If you are answering the harder ?'s accurately, then wouldn't you be at least as competent or more so that the person answering at .6? Can anyone explain this to me?

Also, I think i have "beat" the program. Last night, it made me keep going after 75 ?'s (difficulty level .9), and finally cut off after 133 ?'s. It said there were no more ?'s at this level. This morning I got the same response after 112 ?'s. By the way, the difficulty level both times was 3.767.

And, why does it always say I have a 99% chance of passing, does it ever say anything different?

Holli, GN, taking NCLEX on June 13th

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