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questions about job offer

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i am an Asian nurse and i got offer from spain , some one petroleum company ( Mid Petroleum SA Avda. Mid Ctra. de Colmenar Viejo,

Km 9,100, Madrid, 28034 ,Spain.Tel/Fax:

and i searched in Google search List of world's petroleum companies and i did not find this company and they are offering me good salary with Registered nurse job and they are giving me time to join only 45 days and asking about all expanses for visa and it will be reimburse but the main when i asked about any licensing exam is there or not ? and got reply no licensing exam is there and but through this website i ask before about Spain nursing registration processes and some body gave me reply that there is very difficult to get a visa for registered nurse and also registration exam is there

so please help me to come out of this problem and if possible to tell me about this job vacancy is fake or true

because i don't have any idea abut nursing in Spain so

plssssssssssssssssssssssss help me to out come from this confusion



i am an asian nurse. Any body from Spain -can give me knowledge about following company is fake or true because i got a good offer and telling no need any type's of licensing exams .so plz it is following -

They cannot offer you a registered nurse job without you having a license there in the first place. You will need to pass their licensing exam as well as pass the language exams to work there with the category of the RN if you are actually going to be working in that country and not overseas for them.

Which country will you be working in would be my first question? Do not think that it will be in Spain and that may be why there was no mention of license.

Be aware that Spain is under the EU and they essentially have a hiring freeze in place so quite difficult to get a visa to work in Spain as an RN, and especially impossible without a license in hand first.


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There's another post about a bogus Spanish job on here too. Heed what Suzanne has said & ignore these crooks!



There's another post about a bogus Spanish job on here too. Heed what Suzanne has said & ignore these crooks!

pardon , would u explain it .what did u say?

They cannot offer you a job as an RN if you do not have a license for that country. Where did they offer you the job? To actually work in Spain, or somewhere on a boat or oil rig?

If the job is for actually working in Spain, then it is not going to happen. There are no visas avaiable for you and again you have to have a license in hand before they can offer you a job in Spain as an RN.

There are a few others that have posted about job offers from Spain recenytly and the company wanted the nurse to send them money for processing of their papers. If that is something that is wanted, then not a good thing for you.

Their website also states that any questions about employment with them needs to go thru their UK office.

Suspect that you will be working on an oil rig someplace, not in Spain directly. You need to find out the specifics as to what they are wishing you to do and where the job will be located. That seems to be what you have no idea of and a job offer without specifics means nothing to anyone.

You need to know exactly what your responsibilities would be and where, and hours of work, etc. Or how do you know that it is a good offer?

i am saravanan working as a nurse in oman .recently i got job from mid petrolium sa spain with good salary and facility.i don't it is fake are true. i will give the adress of the company please give me the true factor regarding the job offer.adress is

lopez /recruitment officer

mid petrolium sa

thread edited to remove contact information of the company.




The company is actually legitimate, but the issue is that do not suspect that you will actually be working in Spain, but placed in another country or on an oil rig; ther are no visas available for you to work in Spain as an RN.

I would just contact them to find out exactly where you would be placed, that would be the first question. Just because they are head-quartered in Spain does not mean that you would be working there. Their HR Dept is also based in the UK, so that tells me that the job is off-shore someplace, or at a refinery.

That is what you will need to find out.

The job is legitimate for an RN, but it will not be actually working in Spain.

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