Questions/Contents or BOTH?

Nursing Students NCLEX


Hello! i need your advices up to this point. This will be my fourth time taking the nclex pn and yet the third took a toll on me, where I gave up! just recently i finally picked myself up! I have been studying content for the past 3 weeks but dont know if to this point i should just answer questions...I read my ATT and i have yet till Jan 30th to schedule an exam! i feel so lost cause at the same time I have a family, work full time and try to get some studying done. I have been scoring 50-60's on the practice test which i think isnt enough. I am currently using the Mary Hogan book given to me by my cousin who recently passed her first time. Any suggestions would be helpful! thanks!

I think it's really important to do both, but initially you have to have a strong knowledge of your content. For my RN, I had 2 months to study and the first 3 weeks, I didn't even look at questions. After that, I gradually added questions until I was hitting 200-300 questions a day(last week prior to exam). I would say my review experience was 60-70% content and the rest questions. Fortunately, my schedule was somewhat accommodating, but I see that yours is quite full so starting out early would probably help some bit. Hang in there and remember that success is within you.

You have to know the content to be able to answer the questions correctly. Sounds as if you have enough time on the content side, now concentrate on answering 100-200 questions a day and studying the rationales. You can look up any content you need to brush up on as you answer questions. Good luck.

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