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Questions about becomeing a traveling nurse?


My original goal was to get my BSN from a University in CA, but as I'm getting closer to graduating from a community college & with the budget cuts for schools I'm finding it to be difficult getting into one of these universities. So my second plan was to go to school to get my AA from a community college, but I'm finding out every school I would like to apply to is a 2-5yr wait just to get my AA. So I was thinking of just going for my LVN licenses then later go into a university from a LVN-RN program. Question is what is the fastest/better way to become a traveling nurse as soon as possible? Do traveling nursing agencies accept LVN's to travel? thanks for your help.

Have you looked at the Travel Nursing forum here? There is lots of useful information and discussion there. You can find it under the "Specialty" tab at the top of the screen.

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There's also a book you can check out from the library on travel nursing. It's a good read :)