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so how do you guys managed to get assignments with a quick notice if you have a toddler or a baby with no grandma or grandpa as backups?

i am placing my toddler in a daycare 3 x a week and those days are the available days i told the agency .and since i didnt find any daycare that accepts drop offs i still keep paying the daycare even though i have picked up no assignments so its really quite expensive for me.if i dont pay them they will give up the space for my do you guys go about with this?..and another thing is that assignemtns keep springing up on the days that my child is not on daycare so i have to turn it down...arghhh!!!!

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This is why agency does not always work for everyone. You may want to try a per diem job at a hospital in your area. Depending on where you live, per diem can be paying the same as agency. And you will get the orientation that you were looking for in your other post. :)


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My husband and I work opposing shifts most of time. But to fill in the gaps I have a trusted friend whom my toddler is comfortable with. She doesn't mind taking her on short notice. To really benefit from agency nursing you must have childcare on short notice or you can't work.

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