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:uhoh3:Hello all,

I need some advice...I have been an RN for the past 6 years, 4 years as a labor/delivery nurse and 2 years in the NICU, I have a full-time job in a LDRP, small community hospital, I was looking into doing some travel nursing (local at first) and landed an interview and essentially the job (contract), for a facility that I worked at about 4 years ago. I told the nurse manager that I was interested and now I am having second thoughts...this is a 13-week contract and who knows if they will renew or if I will find another job after the contract...I have three children and I need a stable income, so any advice from you will be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and I did accept does that mean I can't back out now???




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if you signed the papers and then back out you can be sued for the amount of the contract.

i have been traveling for a while, somewhere always needs a nurse. just have to be flexible about pay and location:twocents:


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Legally there could be legal ramifications against you, but it depends on the hospital. The hospital could choose not to pursue it, and you could back out of the contract without any consequences. If you have a good enough reason, the hospital and your agency might understand. That's a maybe though. Good luck!


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I did not sign the contract, and I decided not to take the position, I'm just worried that if I quit my full-time job with benefits, that I will be sorry in the long run.




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I wouldn't make this jump right now.....the economy is crap and contracts are few and far between. My experience traveling-the insurance was minimal. I ended up paying over $4,000 for an emergency appendectomy on an assignment. I would want a steady income with good benefits now, especially with 3 children. I stopped traveling for this reason....been staff for 3 weeks now. Good luck, but I would wait until the economy rebounds!


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I have been traveling for almost 4 years. I only do Labor and Delivery and have never had a problem getting a new contract. I think it depends on the company you work for and how good your recruiter is. I also have great benefits. Again I think it all comes down to the company you are traveling with.

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