Question for TPAPN step down people.

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So I got my notice that I was on step down and would no longer have to turn in attendance sheets. Does anyone know if this includes doing the online attendance through affinity or just turning in sign in sheets. It looks like I no longer have access to record my attendance for the rest of the month.

You don't have to record attendance online either. Congrats! On the down hill slide!

Thank you for the answer in the congrats. Only one year very hard to believe. Actually 11 months. Time is flying now.

Kel, after I stepped down and didn't have to submit my meetings, I found that I was less obsessed about submitting my self reports too. I actually forgot one and it was a few days late! I remember sitting in my car and realizing it was the 12th of the month and I hadn't submitted it. My CM at the time was understanding but I just wanted to share my experience. You are probably way more organized than me, but what kept me making sure everything was in on time was logging my meetings I attended. Once I couldn't log them anymore, the self report slipped my mind. I now have multiple alarms set on my phone at the beginning of each month to remind me!

Funny you should mention that. The self-reports are usually on my mind the second week of the month. Totally forgot about it until Monday. I was like oh hell no I'm submitting it right now!!!! 11 days early, because I'm so afraid I'll forget.

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