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I took a test last night for NP1 and I was wondering if a nurse gave meds and didnt write down all the meds she gave. Would you call her at home or would you just wirte that the drug was omitted?


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I'd call if there were ANY question. You don't KNOW the med was omitted. You only suspect it was. The only person that does know is the one who should have given it. So call.


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What if the nurse didnt give it and if is a med that needs to be given asap, you dont want to wait until the next dose is due.....and if you give it assuming that the patient didnt give it you could harm the patient....

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Absolutely call. For many meds it would be imperative that you know whether or not a dose was given for proper assessment.

Call, but the nurse might lie to cover up. Ask patient, if appropriate. But in reality it is a med error and must be written up. See your facility's policy. Also, you may have to include the physician depending on type of drug. You are the patient's advocate, not the co-worker's. These situations are really hard.

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