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i am going to quit my job of 8 years and begin travel nursing in january. i would like to get a letter of recommendation from one of the oncologists with whom i've worked for the entire time. is it appropriate to ask for this? do i simply call his office and leave a message with his nurse? how do i go about this? thanks for any advice!


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I would request a letter of recommendation in person and include a stamped envelope addressed to whomever the letter of recommendation is going to.

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Do you see this doctor on rounds? I'd try to speak to him directly.And yes, it's very appropriate to ask, you just have to find out if this MD is willing. The surgeons I work with were very happy to give me a letter of recommendation for grad school, the only stipulation was that I send them a resume so they could comment upon my skills more accurately. I'd suggest you offer to do the same with your doc. I was honored that they were willing to do this.

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Absolutely appropriate. Do it in person and give a very distinct lay of what you want on the letter in a succinct way. The docs I have worked with were always more then happy to help.

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