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After doing a lot of research here, I am hesitant to even try to go to the GPC nursing program, right now I am knocking out all of my pre-reqs. I am wondering if I do all my pre-reqs at GPC then transfer out to another nursing program will the pre-reqs I do at GPC be accepted in another college, by that I mean some schools slightly differ with the pre-reqs required, I don't want to do all of GPC's and then try to apply for another nursing school only to be told that I have to do another pre-req the NEW school requires. Also can anyone tell me good nursing programs I could apply to the do ADN program? Thanks for any and all help. You guys are so informative!!:yeah:

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GPC has changed and it is a good nursing program. A lot of the stuff that you read here is old information.

You can go to the website o each school that you are considering applying to and check what the requirements are. I don't fully agree with the last poster's statement...but glad I made it through and don't have to look back.

I am not sure where you are located, but my friend worked towards going to GPC and is now trying to get into a BSN program instead. They said they will have to take several new courses including a different chem and they mentioned classes like human growth and development, pathophysiology, etc. depending on which school they select. I think they are going to go apply and meet with an admissions counselor at each school they are interested in before they make a decision so the requirements are crystal clear. Best of luck!

Thanks you guys for your help, I am going to have to try and get more information on the schools that offer ADN nursingbecause I want to work while earning my BSN. Clayton State used to offer the ADN program and now I do not see it offered only the BSN. The only other program I know is Gwinnett Tech. Does anyone know of any place else that offers ADN?

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I am currently taking pre-req classes at Athens Tech, which offers an ADN.

They also have a new building for Health Sciences.

Hi. Chattahooche technical College in Marietta and Georgia Highlands offer ADN program as well. You can go to their websites and see their requirements. I think their prerequisites are the same though

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There are other ADN programs out there, but none that have an nclex pass rate like GPC. GPC is a rigorous program which will prepare you for nursing like no other.

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